AN INVESTIGATION is being held into the birth of a baby at Basingstoke hospital last year.

The hospital trust reported the incident, which was declared ‘serious’, to the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) for investigation.

HSIB works to improve patient safety through independent investigations into NHS-funded care across England, without apportioning blame or liability.

Its investigation into the incident at Basingstoke hospital, in Aldermaston Road, was referred through its maternity investigation programme.

HSIB works with families and NHS trusts to improve maternity care and bring about lasting change across the NHS.

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Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) described in a report that the baby was “born in poor condition and required to transfer to a neonatal unit”.

The case was one of eight ‘serious incidents’ reported by the trust in October last year, but the only one referred to HSIB.

The others at Basingstoke hospital included medication being administered via the wrong route; a delayed diagnosis in ophthalmology; a medication error where the wrong medication was administered; and a delayed diagnosis of a testicular torsion.

A spokesperson for HSIB said it is not able to provide specific details on any of its investigations, adding: “Investigation reports are only shared from us to the trust and the family.”

Its investigation programme is part of a national action plan to make maternity care safer and it undertakes around 1,000 independent maternity safety investigations each year to identify common themes and influence systemic change.

A spokesperson for HHFT said: “We can confirm there was an incident which, in line with the national HSIB criteria, is currently being investigated. We await their findings and, as always, will respond to any recommendations should there be any.”

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