PROTESTERS want to see the Camrose stadium turned into a 'top-class' council-owned football ground, as they are invited to have their say for the first time.

The Camrose stadium was the home of Basingstoke Town Football Club for over 70 years until it was evicted by its former owner and Chairman, Rafi Razzak.

Rafi Razzak and his company Basron spent the best part of two and a half years refining the application to turn the Camrose ground into an 85-bed housing estate and a care home.

But after a dramatic debate late into the night of September 23 2020, both applications were rejected because the development did not meet the council’s CN8 policy - that the loss of the Camrose stadium outweighed the benefits of the development.

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Rafi Razzak has since appealed the council’s decision and the fate of the stadium is still unknown.

David Graham, who lives in Basingstoke, is just one of the dedicated football fans protesting to the save the much-loved stadium and formed a group with several others.

He said: “My opinion and the opinion of the group is that we feel that the council should buy the land and develop into a community, council-run grounds.

“You have got lots of teams that can play on a council-built facility, and we feel this is the best way forward. For the council to buy the Camrose so that the whole community gets the benefit of the stadium.”

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David would like to see the ground turned into a "top-class stadium".

He added: “It does mean a lot to everyone, and it is a complete travesty at the moment.”

All submissions must be made by January 14 and for more information, visit:

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