A RESIDENT from Basingstoke has been left angry and irritated at the amount of estate agent boards placed ‘randomly’ across the borough.

Father of four Spencer Cleary, who lives in Hatch Warren has become increasingly frustrated with the sheer number of boards planted on random land and not on or near the property for sale.

He told The Gazette that the advertising boards are just "ugly, unnecessary and an eyesore".

His frustration started when he took a stroll around the main roads of Hatch Warren and Beggarwood, where he noticed the signs that "should not be there".

He said: “They are an eyesore, and it is fine to have them attached on the property that is being sold but they are not anything to do with the plot of land they are planted on.

“If you look at some of them, they are actually tied to roads signs or planted on council land and there is no reference there to what they are actually trying to sell.

“They should not be doing it the way they are in my opinion. These random boards that are planted nowhere near the properties they are selling or not attached to the properties is wrong.

“They are everywhere.”

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Mr Cleary said he has seen several boards across Basingstoke including Danebury Road, Cluddesden Lane, Beggarwood Lane, Long Cross Lane, Gershwin Road, Quilter Road, Vivaldi Close and Novello Close.

He said that the boards are meaningless because they are not attached to the properties for sale.

He added: “I took a drive around Basingstoke to see if it was going on elsewhere and it is and where we have got roads that are dead ends, they are planted absolutely everywhere which just means nothing to anyone.

“There is no need for them, anyone who wants to buy a house their first point of call is the internet. I would like to see whoever is responsible for the land they are planted on taking action.

“We get a lot of bad weather and these things are like parachutes and they could just go flying and then what?

“Who will be responsible for them, they could potentially cause damage if they come lose."

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