A "GREAT" mum who was loved by everybody died because of a chest infection after being treated for a fractured leg at Basingstoke Hospital, an inquest heard.

Shirley Payne, 86, who passed away at Pemberley House Care Home in the late hours of December 11, 2020, was under treatment for a fractured left leg at Basingstoke Hospital in the weeks before her death.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard that Ms Payne was a lovely mum who was adored by everyone.

Her daughter Mrs Oakley told the Coroner’s Court that she will be dearly missed by everyone who knew her.

“She did everything for us. She was such a great mum.”

Mrs Oakley also expressed concerns about the care her mum received at the Basingstoke hospital during the treatment for the fractured leg.

She told the coroner that she was not allowed to visit her mum.

She added that her mum had to move around to get better, or she had the risk of developing chest infection.

Dr Muhammad Ezad, who led the team that treated Ms Payne at the Basingstoke Hospital, told the court that the hospital could not allow Mrs Oakley to visit her mum because of Covid.

Giving evidence to the coroner, Dr Ezad added that Ms Payne was admitted sadly during Covid time and there was a clear instruction that it would be difficult for Mrs Oakley to help her mum out.

During the inquest, Coroner Jason Pegg heard that Ms Payne arrived at the Pemberley Nursing Home in April 2019. Before that she was looked after by Mrs Oakley.

Mr Pegg added: “I heard that while at Pemberley Nursing Home she suffered brief falls – one in April and two in November 2020. She was a lady who was very mobile. But following the three falls there was another fall on November 26, 2020. This was a very significant fall and she fractured her left leg. She was found on the floor at 6am.

“For some time, she was monitored by the staff at Pemberley House. There came a time before 10am that it was necessary for Shirley Payne to be taken to the local hospital in Basingstoke.

“At the hospital it was identified that she suffered a fracture to her left leg. The doctors found that such a fracture for anyone, particularly at this age for a frail person, would impact upon the person’s functions and their mobility.

“On November 27, she underwent a procedure to repair her left hip and it was uneventful. By the evening of November 30, there were some changes to her condition. She had redness on her legs. On December 3, the redness condition was worsening. But by December 7, her condition improved and it was found her clinical condition was stable. And it was decided Shirley Payne be discharged back to Pemberley House.

“Dr Ezad who assessed Shirley Payne on December 10 morning found that she was fit to be discharged. When she arrived at the care home, she was frail, disorientated. When Mrs Oakley saw her mum, she was in poor condition.

“Dr Ezad has said it is common for her age to develop chest infection because of a significant procedure. I was told a physiotherapist reported to Dr Ezad on December 10 that in his view she was more drowsy than she normally was.

“It is clear to me that there was deterioration in her condition. She passed away in the late hours of December 11 with consequences she suffered because of a fracture on left leg which caused the chest infection. This contributed significantly to her death. The fall resulted in the fracture was accidental.”

Following the inquest, Dr Lara Alloway, chief medical officer for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, told the Gazette: “Throughout the pandemic, in spite of its challenges, our staff have sought to maintain the very highest standards of care. Some things, such as visiting, have had to change in order to make this possible and to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. However, where visiting has been restricted, we have tried to find alternatives.

“Most importantly, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Mrs Payne’s friends and family who are dealing with a profound and very real loss.”

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