TIKTOK star Hannah Lowther has confirmed that she has tested positive for Coronavirus ahead of a series of cancellations for Heathers the Musical.

In a tweet posted on Monday night at 10.14pm, Hannah said that she will have to miss Heathers the Musical after testing positive for coronavirus.

Hannah wrote: "Sadly after nearly 2 years of dodging the horrible virus, I've been caught by Miss Rona...gutted to be off from HeathersMusical but we gotta stay safe! Any isolation tips plzzzzz send them my way."

Before moving on to London's West End, Hannah took a job at Tesco Express during the pandemic, where she posted videos on TikTok while changing lyrics to popular songs and dancing in the store.

One video that saw the stars views sky rocket was a parody of Dolly Parton’s song 9 To 5. The viral video has since got more than 2 million views.


In a recent interview, Hannah told the Gazette: "It feels surreal because its been such a dream. It doesn't feel real. I keep telling myself this is my job now. I wake up and think, 'wow this is what im really doing'".

On Sunday 26 December, Westend Understudies wrote on Twitter: "Today will be the DEBUT of Hannah Lowther in the role of HEATHER MCNAMARA at HeathersMusical."

Staying positive, Hannah replied: "Unfortunately this performance has been cancelled. But thank you WestEndCovers for your continued support! Hopefully we'll be back VERY soon."

Heathers the Musical took to their Twitter page to annunce the show cancellation from December 29 - January 2, writing: "Performance Cancellations: 29 Dec 2021 - 2 Jan 2022 We are sorry to announce that despite our best efforts to find a way to keep the show going, due to a large number of the company having to isolate all performances of Heathers up to and including 2 January are cancelled."