One horse and trap race was started in Hampshire over the weekend, although "swift" police action saw it stopped.

Police issued a county-wide dispersal order after receiving intelligence that unauthorised racing was expected to take place.

It comes after up to 500 Travellers blocked the A33 dual carriageway for two days in May of illegal racing, disrupting travel for thousands of motorists.

Now, Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that whilst one race was started, there was no disruption to the road network.

Inspector John Stribley said: “We are grateful to the community for their support and patience as we dealt with this dynamic situation.

“We are pleased that all racing was stopped effectively thanks to a quick intervention from both our local officers, and resources from our Joint Operations Unit.

“Although one race was started, this swift action prevented it from being completed and no other races or associated criminality took place throughout the weekend.

"We’re pleased the operation has been carried out without any disruption to the road network in Hampshire, which is the best possible outcome for the local community.

“However, please be reassured that this does not mean that we are in any way being complacent.

“This situation will be monitored longer term, and we will continue to gather intelligence and work with the community moving forward. This is to ensure that we can prevent any potential future disruption to the road network in Hampshire, and robustly deal with any identified offences.”

Meanwhile, the force's significant presence in the area saw officers clamp down on a number of other offences unrelated to the racing, including:

  • One driver issued a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for driving without due care and attention.
  • One driver issued an FPN for driving without a seatbelt
  • One vehicle seized and one driver reported for vehicle tax offences
  • One vehicle seized due to not being insured.
  • Two drivers spoken to for not having a valid MOT
  • Two drivers stopped for excessive tinted windows 
  • One driver dealt with for dangerous trailer offences