AS A child I was obsessed with fairies, truly believing in their magic.

My parents used to secretly write tiny letters from the fairies, left somewhere for me to find when I woke up in the morning.

However, as you grow older you stop believing and can never quite recapture that magical feeling.

That is, until you have children.

My son is five-years-old and the perfect age to embrace the spirit of Christmas and all the excitement it brings.

For me, I can relive those childhood memories through him and find joy in watching the excitement and anticipation that comes every December.

I was therefore excited to hear that this year’s Proteus show was titled The Christmas Fairy Shoes, combining both the magic of fairies and Christmas.

I hoped that my son’s imagination would be captured by fairies in the same way that mine was as a child.

Having been to Proteus Christmas shows in the past, I know what a treat they are for younger children and so had high expectations.

Created by ScratchBuilt Productions, the team know exactly how to put on an immersive theatrical experience for young children, encouraging them to explore, play, create and interact with the enchanting surroundings and colourful characters.

The show is an adventure from start to finish.

My son and I, along with my husband and five-year-old nephew, were welcomed into the café to enjoy a drink before the performance began, and where the children could write a letter to Santa.

An enthusiastic elf burst into the room to collect the children’s letters to deliver to Santa, surprising and delighting the children as they handed over their carefully considered lists.

The adventure continued following the story of the Fairy Finder who was on a search for the magical Christmas fairy – a joyful little sprite whose job is to spread Christmas cheer and fill the world with magic every December.

The Christmas Fairy lives in the house of a specially chosen family, keeping them warm and safe while they carry out their important work.

Children were invited to make their own magic wands to conjure up a spell to find their own fairies.

We were led into three different rooms as the story was told, each beautifully decorated with a festive theme.

My son and his cousin were thoroughly entertained, their attention captured for the entire 45 minutes, giggling, interacting with the characters, and watching in wonder as the magic unfolded before their eyes.

For the adults, it was a joy to watch our little ones fully immersed in the experience. While there were a few jokes thrown in specifically for the grown-ups, the talented cast deliver humour that appeals to all ages, and I found myself chuckling along with the children.

The final room was like a magical winter wonderland where the children met a ‘real’ fairy up close. Watching my son’s face light up as it flew around the room before landing in front of him was a memory I will cherish.

Basingstoke Gazette:

At the end, the children were all given a copy of the magic spell to find their own fairies at home.

The way to tell if your home is being visited by a Christmas fairy is by finding a tiny, fairy-sized pair of shoes outside your door on Christmas Eve.

Of course, we will have to wait until then to find out, but I think my son might be in for a Christmas surprise!

Yet again Proteus surpassed my expectations and delivered a beautiful, magical production which has become one of the highlights of our year.

The Christmas Fairy Shoes runs until Christmas Eve, with three shows a day. Tickets for peak dates/times are £11 and off-peak tickets are £9.

For more information and to book your tickets click here.