A BASINGSTOKE couple has achieved their long-term dream of opening a business by launching their fishing tackle store in Chineham.

Angler’s Hideaway Ltd, an independent store run by husband-and-wife Steve and Kim Farthing, has opened at Chineham Shopping Centre.

The couple was previously selling fishing tackle equipment from Sunday car boot sales.

With the new store open from November 6, Steve runs the business full-time and Kim joins him at weekends.

Kim said it is a dream-come-true moment as they opened their independent business in town.

“We set up our car boot sales in April 2021 and have been growing steadily ever since,” she said.

“We finally realised our dream of opening a store in November.

“We are the only independent tackle store in Basingstoke since Bato Baits closed in 2018.”

Steve also said the past five weeks have been really exciting. 

"We have been very busy, and busier than how we thought we are going to be," Steve said.

"A lot of people do fishing in Basingstoke. But there are still a lot of people who haven't heard of us yet."

Both Steve and Kim and love fishing.

"I have been fishing since I was 15 and I'm now 53," Steve said.

Previously, he was a lorry driver and took up the fishing business as realised he wanted a change in career.

Kim added that Angler’s Hideaway Ltd sells major brands such as Nash, ESP, Drennan and Korda.