A Basingstoke entrepreneur has been recognised for her invention of transparent face masks that help differently abled people read facial expressions.

Jane Weller from Basingstoke, founder of Clear Expression Ltd, has won the Women Business Awards for Innovation from Women’s Business Club.

The Basingstoke entrepreneur said she is absolutely delighted to win another award for invention that supports those who are vulnerable and who need to lipread.

“I can’t believe I have won,” Jane said.

“It’s an honour. I thank all of those who have supported my small business. Thanks to all who voted as well truly appreciate the support. Last but not least a massive thank you to my husband and daughter for their encouragement and to my team of ladies who support me in the background superstars they all are.”

Jane invented the transparent face mask after she herself found it difficult to lipread ever since the start of Covid pandemic.

Being a hearing aid user, Jane found it hard to understand anyone with fully covered face coverings or masks.

She therefore set about creating a single-use face covering that would help vulnerable people like her.

The face coverings are designed specifically for those who find it difficult to communicate with people wearing fully covered face masks.

Jane’s aim is to try and encourage as many people to convert to the clear mouthpiece coverings, especially at supermarkets and public areas.

Angela De Souza, founder of Women’s Business Club, said: “There is nothing quite like celebrating the accomplishments of our businesswomen.

“This year we saw some incredible entries which made the judge's decision really tough. Although only one woman could win in each category, we feel that every single woman who entered is a winner - she is still standing, she is still determined to succeed and she still has hope for the future, a winning attitude indeed.

“I am so proud of all business men and women who are pushing through this tough year.”