A TOTAL of 50,000 booster vaccines have been given at a Basingstoke GP-led vaccination centre.

Yesterday on Wednesday, December 1 staff at the vaccination centre at Jameson House in Basingstoke paused to celebrate completing 50,000 booster jabs.

Dr Tim Cooper, clinical lead at North Hampshire's vaccination centre shared the news on social media and reminded residents to be “patient” and to “come when invited”.

He also reassured residents that his team are working around the clock to give everyone their booster.

He tweeted: "A quick break to celebrate 50,000 boosters done. Our teams work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unsurprisingly there is a lot to do for 23 million jabs in 4 weeks .

"Be patient Be kind. Come when invited.”

The Gazette previously reported that residents have complained that they have been unable to book their top-up dose in Basingstoke, and have instead been sent to Reading, Fleet or Andover, despite the Jameson House vaccination centre still being up and running.

Dr Tim Cooper has reassured residents that "everyone who is eligible and wants a vaccination will be given one" and that the Jameson House centre is still vaccinating thousands of people each week.

More than 2.7 million Covid vaccines have been given in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and the NHS say that the service is operating at or around capacity with a good level of vaccine supply.

The Hampshire Court Hotel was the location for the first of Basingstoke's vaccination centres - opening in December 2020 and administering more than 100,000 doses before it closed in June. Services there transferred to Jameson House, across the road.

More than 150,000 doses were administered in seven months at the mass vaccination clinic at Basingstoke Fire Station, which closed in September.