A BASINGSTOKE man has been left ‘angry and upset’ after claiming he was wrongly fined at a parking site in town.

Robert Baverstock, 38, was handed a £70 ticket for parking in the 30-minute bays at St Michaels’ Retail Park on The Harrow Way.

But Robert said he was at the parking site “barely for 30 seconds” and the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera’s data is wrong.

“I’m not paying for something I didn’t do,” Robert said, as he explained his case.

“My son works at Nandos at the retail park. I dropped him off for his shift just before 12 noon on November 3 and returned home to finish my work. And then I went to Sainsbury’s and then on the school run to pick up my daughter. I went back to the retail park at 4pm when my son finished work. And that’s when the ANPR camera pinged me leaving.

“The camera didn’t ping me when I was leaving the first time. It didn’t ping me when I came back. It pinged me when I was leaving the second time. So, they are saying my car was at their parking site for four hours when it wasn’t.”

Robert, an IT employee, appealed to PCM UK Ltd, the private firm that runs the parking site.

But his appeal was rejected saying there is no substantial evidence.

But Robert said there are plenty of other CCTV cameras at the parking site which can prove that his car was not there for four hours.

“I have been trying to request footage from the other CCTV cameras. But I don’t who exactly is responsible for them as there’s no site management office there,” he said.

Although Robert left messages with the landowners CHP Management Ltd, they haven’t called him back yet.

“I then filed a second appeal based on a ring doorbell footage from a neighbour which shows that my car was in my drive during that time. But it has not been helpful,” he added.

“They wouldn’t take my word for it. They are telling me that the fine still stands. The fine will be £40 if you are a good little boy and pay promptly. It is completely out of order.

“I think it’s outrageous that they don’t listen. If it was a legitimate fine, I would pay it. If I was there for 30 minutes I would pay it, but I was barely there for 30 seconds.”

The Gazette has contacted PCM UK Ltd and the landowner for comment.