A RESIDENT has labelled a road as a “death trap” after becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of drivers.

Stacy Cole who lives in Axford is worried about the condition of Duxford Lane, which runs between Axford and Dummer, with the current road crumbling at either side near Poasley Farm.

She said: “It is quite a busy road and if it rains then a lot of people cut through this way to go to Alton. It has been like it for about two years and the road has now deteriorated.

“At the moment it’s like a death trap and at the moment you are trying to drive on the middle of the road because both sides have sunk in.

“There have been so many near misses and then last year it was just terrible. People just misjudge it and then they get punctures and everything.”

Stacy said she now keeps wellies in her car as the road becomes worse when it rains.

She added: “Me and my partner last year had to leave our wellies in the car because people just kept going to the side. Everyone goes to the side thinking the water is more shallow there and that’s where the big sink hole is and then they are stuck.

“I am worried that when it rains it will get even worse.”

She has even put cones down to “try and warn people”.

She added: “I know it’s there because I drive up and down it everyday to walk the dogs in the field but I always dread it because when I drive though and there is a car behind me and they go further over I always worry in case they go down it.

“If something has happened, I always go down and ask if they are alright.”

Stacy hopes the council can do something about the road.

She added: “all they need to do is fill the hole.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Coucil, said: "Our highways team will look into the issue raised.

"We are always grateful to receive reports of highway issues from residents, via our online reporting system, so that we can inspect, prioritise and programme repairs accordingly.”