A "BEAUTIFUL" and “handsome” entrepreneur died from accidental drowning while he was on a family holiday to Corfu.

Basil Fisher, 23 from Oakley, died on September 1, 2020, while he was swimming in the waters off Kerasia Beach, in Kassiopi, North Corfu while on a family holiday.

The inquest heard how the 23-year-old was onboard a boat when he went into the water to swim a short distance in calm waters with no current when he drowned.

His mother Victoria Fisher paid tribute to him at the inquest saying he was “beautiful and handsome and he loved life and was happy and fun and worked hard”.

Winchester Coroners’ Court heard on Tuesday, November 23 how Mr Fisher was a strong swimmer who knew the waters well after going on holiday in the same area before.

The inquest heard how Mr Fisher went for a swim with others on the holiday. But when they returned to the boat he had disappeared.

He was later found submerged in the water.

Despite the best efforts of his family and emergency services he sadly passed away at the scene.

Jason Pegg, area coroner, concluded the cause of death “as accidental” drowning.

He said: “There came a time when the boat was moored and Basil together with two others set of to swim a short distance of 100m the water was calm, and Basil was familiar with the sea and there were no conditions that contributed to his death.

“Basil was a capable swimmer having swum for his school and he was used to swimming in cold water and alcohol and drugs made no part.

“It is difficult to conclude how it came to be, he had historical episodes of epileptic fits but there was nothing about his condition that contributed to his death.

“I am going to record that Basil died on September 1, 2020, in the sea of Kerasia Beach in north Corfu and he became submerged and drowned while swimming.

“Those facts demonstrate a conclusion of an accidental death and accidental drowning.”

Tributes were paid by his mum who described him as “beautiful” and “handsome”.

She said: “He was a beautiful and handsome boy and he loved life. He was happy, fun, and worked hard as an entrepreneur.

“He was so kind and left an impact on everybody and always had time for everyone with a smile on his face for everybody.

“He was a very happy boy with a huge character. He was a wonderful son.”