A COUNCILLOR has urged residents to be considerate when buying electric scooters ahead of Christmas after a 68-year-old pedestrian was hit by an e-scooter rider.

The incident happened at around 6.20am on Tuesday, November 9 as the 68-year-old was heading towards Queen Mary Avenue in Basingstoke.

He said: “I noticed a light in the corner of my eye and the next thing is I got hit by the e-scooter. I was on the floor, and I banged my elbow, jarred my shoulder and twisted my knee.”

He said the rider “didn’t’ see me” and “didn’t have any lights on.”

He added: “It is not the first time that I have been nearly knocked over by these things because they don’t take any notice of anything they just ride down the footpaths flat out and you are meant to get out the way. They are not meant to be on the pavements, but I have seen them just riding down the middle of the road with no helmet on.

“I am just worried that someone will get knocked off and seriously injured. It was a lucky escape; I was lucky it could have been a lot worse.”

It is not currently illegal to own an electric scooter, but they can only be legally used on private land by those aged 16 and over.

Cllr Sam Jeans (Conservative, Brookvale and Kings Furlong) has said that people need to be more aware of the problem, especially those who might be considering buying an electric scooter as a Christmas gift for a loved one.

She added: “people need to be aware that it is illegal to ride them on a public footpath and I think we need to bring awareness to the situation. Lots of people will buy them as Christmas presents and may not be aware that it is illegal to ride them on a pathway.

“The number of them I see going down Winchester Road is phenomenal.”

Hampshire Police said they will engage with those using e-scooters to educate them and those seen illegally using an e-scooter again could be issued with a fine. 

As The Gazette understands no action was taken in this case.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Police, said: “We will engage with those using e-scooters to educate them on the requirements, they will then be issued with a formal warning. If they are seen illegally using an e-scooter again they could be issued with a fine, receive points on their licence and possibly have the scooter seized.

“If the E-scooter is being ridden in a careless or dangerous manner, or if it is being used in an anti-social manner it could also be seized under Section 59 of the Police reform Act 2002.

“Local teams will be working with the public to explain the rules, before taking any enforcement action.

“We would encourage the public to report any nuisance use of e-scooters to us.”

If you see people riding inconsiderately or dangerously you can report them to Hampshire Police using the Anti-Social Behaviour online reporting platform: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/ro/report/asb/asb/report-antisocial-behaviour/ or by calling 101 or Community Safety Team at BDBC online or by calling 01256 844844.