A housing development in Rooksdown is being criticised for its dirty roads and unorganised parking that has been causing severe inconvenience to the residents.

The David Wilson Home development in Gillies Meadow in Rooksdown, Basingstoke, has its two main roads – Divot Way and Balata Way – covered in mud and dust because of ongoing constructions for over three years.

Although the developer told the Gazette that they sweep the roads twice a week, the residents have said the roads remain dirty all the time.

The development is also being criticised for disorganised on-road parking on Balata Way that causes major concerns for residents.

One resident of the development who doesn’t want his name published said his driveway and cars are always covered in dust because the roads are not swept.

Basingstoke Gazette: The muddy road in Gilles Meadow, RooksdownThe muddy road in Gilles Meadow, Rooksdown

“Our driveways, cars, windows, everything is covered in a layer of dust in matter of days after being washed,” they told the Gazette.

“This is still happening three years we moved into our house.

“They say they clean the roads, but it’s not good enough. It is very rarely you see the sweeper around and they just do the bare minimum. My impression is they are doing it only because if anyone challenges it, they can say they have a sweeper on such and such days. It’s not sufficient. The sweeper should be here every day and should do a good job.”

The residents said they also struggle to get out of their driveways because the builders park their cars on road.

“The on-road parking is causing severe problems for residents who leave for office or school run in the morning,” the resident said.

“Parking issues are mainly down the Balata Way. There are a few bends on that road where builders drop their cars off.

“This creates many pinch points on the road.  Unorganised parking has made this road single lane. This reduces the space residents can use to drive out from their driveways.”

Basingstoke Gazette: Trucks being parked on side of the road in Gilles Meadow, RooksdownTrucks being parked on side of the road in Gilles Meadow, Rooksdown

A spokesperson for David Wilson Homes Southern, said: “The road layout at our Gillies Meadow development in Basingstoke has been built in accordance with the planning agreement and in collaboration with the local authority. We will continue to monitor the issues raised regarding on-road parking.

“The roads are swept on Wednesdays and Fridays to ensure that the development is kept to a high standard of cleanliness for residents.”

Meanwhile Cllr Arun Mummalaneni, who represent Basingstoke North West Division at the Hampshire County Council, the developer has to take more initiatives to keep the roads up to standard.

“The county council is helpless in this case as the roads are owned by the developer. The council adopt the road only when they are up to the standard.

“There is no legal power for the council to enforce the developer to complete the works in a time.

“The developers have to make sure that they build adequate infrastructure before building houses and selling them.”