MYSTERY surrounds why a sticker of a black cat has appeared on a road sign in Basingstoke.

The image has popped up on a sign on the A30 Winchester Road between Kempshott and Hatch Warren roundabouts, sparking curiosity as to why it is there.

Similar stickers have appeared in other areas of the country, including Kent, where they have been popping up for years, according to local news reports.

The silhouette of a cat’s face appears to be peeping out from the left side of the sign, which directs motorists to the M3 motorway.

Despite the stickers having appeared in other parts of the country over the years, little is known about the cat stickers and mystery still surrounds the reason why they keep popping up.

Hampshire County Council has been asked if it can shed any light on why the sticker is on a Basingstoke road sign. 

A post on the Mumsnet website from February this year asked whether anyone had spotted the cat stickers across the country.

The poster said there are “hundreds of road signs” with the stickers in Kent.

However, no one seemed to be able to offer an explanation as to who is putting them up and why.

Black cats can have positive connotations with superstitions surrounding them suggesting they may bring good luck.

However, they can also be associated with witchcraft and seen as a symbol of evil omens.

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