ESTIMATES predict that an incredible 400K facemasks could be recycled by the end of the wilko #reclaimthemask scheme, which is equivalent to 966kg of single-use plastic.

Early this year, the scheme was introduced to supply shoppers with a safe and innovative way to recycle their single-use face masks.

The scheme has proven very successful since launching in April; and has since been until the end of 2021. Although facemasks are no longer compulsory in certain places, plenty of masks are still being worn & becoming pollutants in the environment.

Wilko customers, including those at its Basingstoke store, can continue to recycle their used facemasks at the 150 participating stores up and down the country. Customers can even use the Scan2Recycle QR on the box to see the recycling process in action.

The #ReclaimTheMask scheme has also been Shortlisted for 'Best Environmental and Sustainability Campaign' after being recognised by The Corporate Engagement Awards.

Shona Stephenson, of ReWorked, said: "It's a relief to see how many single-use facemasks the #ReclaimTheMask scheme has diverted from landfill and the ocean. These masks are so often polluting the natural environment, but hopefully, due to the scheme's exposure, the public is more aware of how to dispose of their masks. Nothing should come at the cost of the planet. Although PPE is essential, it's great to see people supporting safe & innovative ways to recycle these typically hard to recycle plastics."

ReWorked together with Scan2Recycle are partnered with Wilko on the scheme to ensure face masks are safely recycled, saving tons of plastic pollution from ending up in landfill or incineration.