AN ARMY major based in Tidworth who hit the headlines last year when he walked barefoot across the UK has completed another march without shoes, this time across the east coast of the USA.

Chris Brannigan completed the 1,000-mile walk between Maine and North Carolina last week.

He is fundraising to find a cure for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome after his nine-year-old daughter Hasti was diagnosed with the condition in 2019.

The soldier took 45 days to complete the epic walk, which raised more than £100,000.

"One of the things I hadn't foreseen was how much time I would spent walking on my own," he said.

"A lot of the time when I was walking out back in the woods.

"When I was walking in the UK, I had lots of people with me all the time which made a real difference," he told the BBC.

Explaining how his daughter ended up in hospital during his walk, Chris added: "It was really frightening. She had to go into hospital. She was there for a period of time.

"When I was walking, I had very little communication with my wife due to poor signal reception. I was just incredibly worried.

"I didn't know what was going on and I thought the worst might be happening.

"At some point I thought I was going to come home and cut the challenge short but thankfully Hasti made a recovery and is now back home."

Last year, Maj Brannigan walked barefoot from Land's End to Edinburgh, spending several days in East Wiltshire and North Hampshire. He stopped at Larkhill barracks, before walking to the Army headquarters in Andover on day 12.

The next day, he walked from Andover to Basingstoke, where he took a trip to hospital to have his swollen feet checked.

During the walk last year, he raised £585,000.