A BASINGSTOKE woman is appealing for help in finding her missing pet African Grey parrot which was last seen near Cranbourne School on Winchester Road last Sunday.

Lesley Herbert lost her beloved parrot Bibi from her new home on Winchester Road on Sunday, October 10, when she flew through an open door.

The eight-year-old parrot was last spotted in the trees that line Cranbourne School on Winchester Road at approximately 4pm on the same day.

However, Bibi flew away from the dense trees, and she has not been seen since.

Ms Herbert is now increasingly worried as she thinks Bibi will be very tired, scared and hungry.

She is asking Basingstoke residents to check their gardens, roofs and trees to spot Bibi.

“I’m desperate to get her home,” a worried Ms Herbert told the Gazette.

“I’m heartbroken. When she comes to me, she will be scared of everything, and will be giving me kisses and cuddles.”

Ms Herbert said this was the first time Bibi has flown away and it was an accident.

“This is our new home and we have been living here for only two weeks,” she said.

“She was flying around in the room. When I went to put her back in her cage, she took off to fly over my shoulder. But then she flew to the dining room and out through the backdoor.

“The trees she flew into were very dense. And we couldn’t see where she went because it was getting dark. We haven’t seen her since.”

Bibi has been with Ms Herbert for nearly two years now after she got her from a rescue home.

She said she would give a “nice reward” to anyone who gets Bibi back to her safely.

“Since she will be really tired and hungry, Bibi might allow someone to pick her up,” she said.

“If she is on the ground, they can just cover her with a sheet and pick her up and put her in a box safely.

“If she is up on a tree, then please call me straight away and I will bring somebody to get her down.”

Ms Herbert can be reached at 07554011975.