Long queues in front of petrol stations continued today (Friday) despite a week since the crisis started.

Photos shared by professional photographer Ian Longthorne show a long queue in front of Sainsbury's in Basingstoke today as motorists struggle to refuel their empty vehicles.

Tweeting the photos, Ian said the long queue is not because of panic buying, but people just need to fill up [their tanks].

Ian said he had to wait for 90 minutes from 11.40am today to fill fuel for his car.

As the queue length remain the same, he added that the Sainsbury staff were very helpful and organised.

Meanwhile, Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse has said shortages at petrol filling stations may persist for another "week or so".

The police minister said there was still strong demand for fuel in some parts of the country and that Boris Johnson will have to review the situation if it deteriorates further.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "We are still seeing strong demand in parts of the country around fuel, albeit that there is no problem of supply into the country. The distribution mechanism is trying to respond to this unprecedented demand.

"My latest briefing is that the situation is stabilising, that we are seeing more forecourts with a greater supply of fuel and hopefully that, as demand and supply come better into balance over the next few days - week or so - that we will see a return to normality.

"I think if things started to deteriorate further, obviously the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Energy, whose responsibility this is, will have to review the situation.

"What we need to see is a stabilisation and improvement over the next few days. Obviously there only so many tankers that can be used to get this fuel around.

"They are trying their best to get around as fast as possible. There is co-ordination now across the country looking at where there are pockets of supply problems and demand strength and trying to bring the two into balance."