THE owner of a Basingstoke garage has been sworn and shouted at by motorists trying to get petrol, as the chaos at the pumps continues.

Gales Garage, in Aldermaston Road, Sherborne St John has adopted various rules this week in a bid to help as many people as possible fill up, as many petrol stations have run out of fuel.

This includes limiting the spend to £30 for fuel; asking drivers to enter the garage from the Tadley end; and warning drivers that it is against the law to fill up non-fuel bottles.

However, owner Ann Gale said she has been subjected to abuse from the public as people have tried to jump the queue, fill up containers, and challenge the spending cap.

Liz Carpenter, who runs Gales Garages’ social media, told the Gazette that Ann has done everything to support the community through the crisis, by bringing in more staff to help, not taking a lunchbreak, and introducing rules to enable as many people as possible to buy fuel and prevent queues on Aldermaston Road.

However, she said Ann, who took over the 60-year-old family-run business from her grandfather, has been treated appallingly by some members of the public.

“The abuse they have had has been quite shocking,” she told the Gazette, adding: “People have been swearing at them. Ann won’t let people put fuel into any container, she refuses to turn the pumps on for people coming in the wrong way and jumping the queue, and they are swearing at her and shouting abuse. She’s standing her ground. She’s trying to do the right thing and make sure everyone gets what they need.

“There are a lot of people in Tadley and the local villages who rely on her to get to work. There are also lots of people coming in and out of Basingstoke. She felt the right thing to do was limit the spend so people are quick in and quick out and keep the flow going and stay open.”

Despite the abuse from some customers, Liz said many people from the community have shown support to Ann and her team.

“People are thanking her for introducing the measures and making sure there’s fuel, people appreciate that. The community have responded and people have bought them fish and chips because they know they aren’t taking lunch breaks. Some people are really lovely and Ann really appreciates that,” said Liz.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We are starting to see the situation improve” with regards to the fuel crisis.

However, Liz said Gales Garage has not seen any improvements yet and said it may have to close early on Thursday if it runs out before its next delivery on Friday.

It is updating customers regarding the situation on its social media channels.