A BRAND new Hampshire Hog has been added to the free public art trail before it finishes next month.

DiVyne celebrates the history and heritage of The Vyne National Trust property and has been painted by Mary Chatburn.

The hog had a special preview for visitors to The Vyne last weekend before being taken to The Anvil box office where he can be seen during its opening hours from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Felicity Edwards, managing director of Destination Basingstoke which organised the Hampshire Hogs trail, said: “We thought bringing in a new hog at this late stage would give the last few weeks of the trail a boost, and give everyone a reason to keep on with their hog spotting.

"He will also be another hog that can raise funds for charity when he is sold with all the others at auction on 21st October.”

The trail has been a huge success with thousands of hog sightings recorded on the special app, and visitors around the area enjoying the fun of finding them and appreciating the work of local talented artists.

“We are now looking forward to the auction – each of the hogs will be auctioned for a charity selected by its sponsor and there are a diverse range of fantastic local and national charities that will benefit,” Felicity added.

The art trail has been entirely funded by sponsorship from local businesses and organisations keen to help the town on a positive road to recovery after the pandemic.

The hog sculptures have unique designs representing aspects of life, heritage, culture and countryside in Hampshire, each one sponsored by a local business.

Most are within walking distance of the town centre with others a few miles out giving everyone the chance to explore.

Both the trail and the app are free and can be enjoyed until October 9 when the trail will be removed and the hogs prepared for auction which will take place in Festival Place.

Several of the hogs have already been removed from the trail after they were vandalised, including on by the fountains near Eastrop Park and one in War Memorial Park.

Both were relocated to inside the Willis Museum at the Top of Town.

You can register for details of the auction on the website www.hampshire-hogs.co.uk now.