Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make winter Covid announcements today, detailing the plans to tackle coronavirus as the year draws to a close.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid will also make a statement in the House of Commons at 12.30pm today after Mr Johnson tells the Cabinet what his plans are.

A television briefing to the nation is expected to take place at 4pm.

However there are now doubts if Mr Johnson will host the briefing, due to the sudden death of his Mother Charlotte Johnson Wahl yesterday.

What is Boris Johnson expected to say in the announcement?

It is anticipated that the Government is to set out its plans for Covid ‘booster’ jabs for all those over the age of 50.

People in that age bracket will be offered a third dose, starting with those aged over 70 and the most vulnerable.

It will be a shot of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that will be given at least six months after the individual’s second dose, as there are concerns that the protection it gives to older people fades over time.

This is a measure as part of the Government’s blueprint for “living with the virus” as winter approaches.

All guidelines and measures proposed are to be in-line with making sure the NHS is not overwhelmed with patients in the later months of the year.

Discussion may also take place over a return to a lockdown if necessary, and social distancing.

There may also be talk about vaccine passports, even with Mr Javid saying they would not be going ahead.