A FORMER Team GB athlete convicted of sexually abusing a vulnerable intoxicated woman no longer works for Basingstoke Gymnastics Club.

The club confirmed that Alexander Hicken, who put the woman through an eight-hour ordeal, is no longer an employee or a member of British Gymnastics.

The 23-year-old, of Loggon Road, Viables, was unanimously convicted by a jury at the end of August.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the club said: “Basingstoke Gymnastics Club were aware of the investigation to which you refer and acted immediately to protect our members and staff in line with club policies including referral to, and investigation by, our governing body British Gymnastics.”

They added that “the case in question has no reference to any activity or concern raised by any member within the club”.

“The individual is no longer an employee of Basingstoke Gymnastics Club or a member of British Gymnastics.

“We continue to communicate openly and directly with our members and staff. In accordance with our extensive Welfare and Safeguarding policies, Basingstoke Gymnastics Club will always engage with any investigation as fully as possible while remaining supportive of affected staff until any investigation is concluded.”

Hicken's victim, who has been left with nightmares after the ordeal, had drunk so much Lambrini and vodka jelly shots that she “had to be put to bed” and was partially put into her pajamas, prosecution barrister Emily Cook told the court in her opening statement at the trial.

Ms Cook said that the woman was “so drunk that she was sick every time she moved”.

Hicken, of Loggon Road in Viables, sat on the edge of her bed, rubbing her thigh and bum, and was told to leave her room and he left to go to the pub with others.

A witness said they overheard Hicken say, "I am going to **** [the victim]" during their night out.

When he returned to the house “he was not finished” with her and sexually touched and kissed her but was startled by others coming upstairs.

Hicken will be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on October 11.