Dear Editor,

Following the recent announcement of Basingstoke Town celebrating a new sponsor, I can't help feel disappointed in their choice.

As a fan of the club for many years, and a football fan in general, I am right behind any initiative to irradicate hate. I've been at the Camrose in the 80s and 90s, hearing 'fans' offering monkey chants as an opposing black player ran down the wing.

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It is good to think that these days will live firmly in the past. It's to be applauded that football is in the limelight in the fight against racism and the players are to be applauded for continuing to force the issue and this is a fight that should follow through from the top to the bottom of the football pyramid.

With Basingstoke Town's recent choice of sponsor, I cannot understand the lack of acknowledgement of the racial equality issues that Exertis went through recently and why the club feels this is a good fit.

If Exertis was willing to address the issue publicly, along with the football club, you could understand. But, all the while it has been glossed over, it makes the club complicit in the broader issue of racism - not a good look for a community club.

While I appreciate the club need money to survive, their profile is in danger of being severely dented with this partnership unless the issues are acknowledged.

It's okay to talk-the-talk, but as football managers often say, "we do our talking on the pitch". Perhaps they should do theirs in the boardroom.

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