Dear Editor,

So many people who attended Al Murray at the Anvil last night (Saturday, September 4) chose to not wear face coverings.

I estimate around 60 per cent didn't wear them (from looking around the attendees) and they can't all have had a medical reason for not doing so. It's no longer a legal requirement but people need to realise the mask is mostly to stop spreading rather than avoid catching.

I did a home test (lateral flow test) before attending.

We were sent email asking us to wear face covering (which myself and my friend did) and so did people either side of us but in the rows behind and infront (less than 2m away) were not wearing them.

Hopefully most of those who attended will have been double jabbed and maybe many of those not wearing a face covering will also have taken the self-test at home.

Covid has NOT gone away and I believe it won't. We have to find a way to live with it and get back to normality. Crowded places with poor ventilation (which I believe is the case with the Anvil) are known to be most likely where it is spread. I think it's sad that those people are not considerate enough to take a simple precaution to help stop the spead.

Trevor Rose, South Ham Road