A MAN has been fined for illegally dumping waste, including a Wendy house, a corner sofa and a child's bike.

Some time on or before May 25, 2020, Lee Wainwright deposited the rubbish on The Drove, Basingstoke Road near the A33.

The waste dumped included assorted wood, broken up furniture, a child's plastic Wendy house, cardboard boxes, black bin bags and a child's bike.

The 37-year old of Schubert Road, Basingstoke, was also charged with fly—tipping on June 28, 2019 at the same spot.

He was found to have dumped a corner sofa, a single bed frame, mattress, a small unit, bookshelf, cardboard, old toys and black bags filled with general waste.

The drove is maintained by a Conservation Group which aims to preserve the ancient route for the benefit of future generations by maintaining and enhancing the trees, hedgerows and vegetation and encouraging a diverse wildlife habitat.

On Wednesday (September 1), the defendant was fined a total of £1,160 for the offences.

A £300 fine was imposed for the offence committed in 2020 and a £830 charge was made for the 2019 offence.