TWO Co-operative stores in the Basingstoke area will welcome Formula 1 technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

South Ham's Kings Road store and Tadley's Franklin Avenue branch will be fitted with twin-bladed shelf-edge strips which are designed to improve airflow in fridges that do not have doors.

The new EcoBlade technology, developed by motor racing engineer Wirth Research, is expected to reduce refrigeration energy consumption by up to 25 per cent by acting as an invisible air curtain, keeping warm air out and cool air in.

Gemma Lacey, director of sustainability and communications, said: "The future of our planet relies on us all urgently cutting greenhouse gas and this is one way we are doing that, as part of our Climate Action Pathway to net zero.

"We have set ambitious targets aligned with the latest science showing what is required globally to limit global warming to 1.5°C but we need to work collaboratively with others to achieve our goals and limit the severity of the impacts of climate change."

It will be rolled out to 29 Southern Co-op stores across Hampshire.