Dear Editor,

Vivid, in conjunction with Basingstoke and Deane Council, are planning to destroy a park based in Winklebury next to Carisbrooke Close – a green community hub that has been well used for generations. 

Vivid held only one public meeting, more like a biased sales pitch attended by 3 per cent of the local Winklebury community. They received only 75 feedbacks from a community of 6,180.

Unproven anti-social behaviour is being used as the reason to destruct the park. Destroying a park to solve anti-social behaviour is a definition of madness.

Vivid offer to open a new park nearby at the demolished Fort Hill school playing field. It is seemingly generous, but Vivid cannot build on this protected land.

Vivid claim they will increase green space and biodiversity. But in fact, by destroying the local park, they are removing a unique and irreplaceable green space. The community will end up with one less green space, thereby decreasing biodiversity and adding to global warming. Two parks are always better than one.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s support to destroy the park ignores the results of its own community action plan based on 450 household feedbacks. The results showed a priority to protect, develop and maximise green spaces and provide access for all, but the community has continuously been ignored.

Vivid plan to build 400 homes - mainly flats - in an already densely built-up area. Why not consider a two-park solution, which will be far greener and will create a nicer environment for all people in Winklebury?

Most people support a rebuild, but should we not build better for the future? Instead Vivid offer to replace old dense flats with less green space and denser bigger blocks of flats.

Pat Horan, address supplied