A debate about Basingstoke’s nightlife in 2021 has got the town talking about the many clubs and pubs which have since long gone.

From Martine’s to Liquid, Karma and Lloyd’s, residents have said goodbye to many nightlife businesses over the past decade and beyond.

Earlier this week, student Dom Smith wrote to The Gazette to express his frustration about a lack of places to enjoy a night out in his hometown.

He said many of his friends were heading off to Portsmouth, Southampton, London or Reading for their nights out because the only options in town were Plush or Fever.

Scores of people have got in touch to recall the days where Basingstoke has more on offer for those wanting to head out and throw some shapes.

Debbie Sykes said: “When I was 18. We had Bar Rock, Karma, Liquid, Tonic and even Lloyd’s always had a busy dance floor.

“Always started at the Top of Town and worked you way down as Liquids stayed open until three or four [in the morning]. Loads of us would still be there when the lights turned on.”

While Kelly Fellows recalled: “When I first arrived in Basingstoke in 1999, the Top of Town was littered with bars and Martine’s existed for a short while too.

“I’d come from Portsmouth where the nightlife was likely with lots of options, but it was sufficient, everyone had a choice.

“Now going out means going out of town, not a problem but by the time you factor in travel, hotel if needed etc, that’s a lot of money that could be spent in our town. We need investment in our nightlife.”

Jake West wrote: Student night 2008-2010 was the best era, don’t @ me.”

While Marc Ramalingachetty wrote: “Bring back Martine’s sticky floor!”

Martine’s nightclub closed in 2000 after a 21 years in operation.

Reflecting on good times at the Basingstoke club online, social media users recalled their fondness for the venue.

Stephen Poulter wrote: “I won two black-and-white televisions there. One was given to me by ‘Whispering Bob Harris’ as the then was on Radio 210. One for Morris dancing, second for disco dancing. They were great days.”

When Liquid, in Churchill Way, closed its doors in 2011 after nine years in operation, the hearts of clubbers were broken across town.

Writing at the time, one Gazette reader wrote: “It’s sad really. Luminar [its owner] was a big player, this is very bad news for the entertainment sector.”