BASINGSTOKE Voluntary Action (BVA) has set out details of how residents can support the collection efforts for Afghan evacuees.

In a tweet, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council confirmed that the volunteering organisation “will be coordinating all donations and offers of help”.

Tony Capon, of BVA, told the Gazette: “Given the current situation unfolding in Afghanistan, we are beginning to see a number of residents enquiring as to how they might be able to provide donations or offers of support in other ways to Afghan evacuees who may end up being settled either within the borough or neighbouring parts of Hampshire.

“In order to ensure that residents have the opportunity to support in a safe, coordinated and effective way BVA have created a central mechanism for local residents to register an ‘expression of support’ with us.”

Mr Capon explained that this system will ensure that offers of help can be utilised efficiently, with no items going to waste.

He added: “Once an expression of support form has been received, the team here at BVA will promptly review and liaise with the resident to confirm if the donation/support is required at this time and how best their kind offer can be put to good use. Implementing a process in this way shall help us reduce duplication and efficiently connect with wider Hampshire partners as to the particular donation needs as they arise. Rather than us ending up in a situation where potentially hundreds of concerned and well-meaning residents donate items that cannot unfortunately be put to the best use.”

For more information, or to make an expression of support, visit: