A BASINGSTOKE couple is travelling around the world in an attempt to bring authentic world food to their hometown.

Paul, 38, and Hayley Richardson, 35, of Lower Brook Street in Basingstoke are two incredibly keen travel and food enthusiasts who are always in search of new and exciting cuisines.

Having spent time learning traditional cuisine in Bangladesh, cooked with locals in the mountains of Koh Samui in Thailand, searched for the perfect burger in the Wild West of the United States, and roasted smoked pork sausages over open fires in Police, the couple has now opened a kitchen in their hometown to tickle the culinary senses of Basingstoke residents.

Speaking to the Gazette, Paul said they aim to offer authentic dishes rather than trying ‘western’ version of world cuisine.

“Since meeting in 2013 we've been all over the world in search of new and exciting cuisines. We've been catering for events, weddings and special occasions for over five years now, but during lockdown we took the opportunity to bring the cuisines we'd gathered over the years to Basingstoke.

Rather than 'western' versions of world cuisine, we focus on offering authentic dishes. In March, we officially opened Journey kitchen.”

They offer catering, takeaways and pop-up kitchen in Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Gazette: Paul RichardsonPaul Richardson

Since then, the couple has served hundreds of people in Basingstoke and around.

One of the key elements of the Journey kitchen is its ever-changing cuisine. Each month Paul and Hayley change the cuisine.

“We have many returning customers excited to try the next set of dishes,” Paul said.

“When coming up with our menus we always start with two main dishes. We then think of what would go well with those dishes, and make sure there's a balance of flavours and textures.

“For example, for our Mexican feast we had home-smoked pulled pork chilli and 'scallion' rice, which was served with corn bread to provide something to dip into the chilli, salsa to provide a little crunch and freshness, and a trio of chili sauces to bring a little spice.

“Everything is homemade so that you get food you wouldn't normally find in local restaurants and takeaways.

“Alongside the takeaway, we also launched our website, where we regularly post blogs on what we've been up to, and what cuisines we'll be offering next.”

Both Paul and Hayley are finance professionals who work full-time in Basingstoke. So food and travel are more of a passion and hobby for both.

Due to the pandemic, the couple has not been able to travel to new destinations for research, but they are already planning some big trips in 2023, including Marrakesh and Japan.