Dozens of residents have called on town planners to improve Basingstoke’s nightlife prompted by an opinion piece by a frustrated student.

Currently, Basingstoke has two nightclubs in comparison to neighbouring town Reading’s 15.

Dom Smith, 20, wrote in The Gazette about his exasperation seeing his peers disappear off to other towns for nights out because there isn’t enough on offer in their hometown.

And it appears his comments struck a chord with people of all generations writing in to share his sentiment.

Lynne Rowe said: “There isn’t a lot to choose from if you want to let your hair down [in Basingstoke].”

She said she thinks the nightlife in town needs improving for both “young and older people”, writing: “I think there needs to be a club for the over 40s.”

One simply wrote in to say: "Sort it out!" 

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While Nicola West said it “massively” needs improving, adding: “There needs to be more nightclubs. We hardly have any for the size of our town. [It would be good] for venues to cover a vast majority of age ranges when it comes to music types etc.”

Responding to Dom’s piece, Stuart Taylor wrote: “Very valid point and very well made Dom. Despite not being of the age group you represent, I totally agree with what you say.

“This town needs more late-night places for younger people. I hope someone picks up on this. Like you say, it should be a no-brainer.”

While Rebecca Yelling wrote: “I grew up in Leeds and Bristol and was definitely surprised when I moved here to see the lack of bars and clubs. Basingstoke could do with a few more bars at least.”

Not everyone agreed on social media, however.

Barry Hodge said nightclubs encourage “loutish drinking and trouble at closing time”

While Ben Norris said the fact Basingstoke wasn’t a university town meant there would never be the same level of demand as seen in Reading.

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