HAMPSHIRE constabulary have employed several police officers who have been convicted of criminal offences, an investigation has revealed.

It comes after Sky News uncovered that at least 211 police officers and PCSOs across the UK had broken the law.

A Freedom of Information request, submitted by the Gazette revealed that a total of five officers, currently serving within Hampshire constabulary, have previous criminal convictions.

The offences range from common assault to criminal damage and urinating in public.

Home Office guidelines state that the “public is entitled to expect that the police service recruits police officers and special constables with proven integrity”.

Adding that police forces “should not recruit people with cautions or convictions, which may call into question the integrity of the applicant or the service.”

However, the guidance does states that each case should be dealt with on its individual merits.

Here is the full list of convictions:

Serving police constable convictions

Common assault 2007

Urinating in a public place 2012

Neglect of an animal 2013

Serving police sergeant convictions

Common Assault 2001

Serving inspector convictions

Criminal Damage 1986

A spokesperson for the force told the Gazette: “Hampshire Constabulary adheres to the recruitment and vetting procedures that are set nationally to ensure we maintain the high standards required of us to protect and serve the public.

“Cases where officers have declared criminal convictions are assessed on a case by case basis, and all circumstances surrounding the information are considered.

“The vetting process does not cease once an officer or member of staff has been recruited, continuing throughout their career. The ensures any new information or changes can be reviewed.”