There are no significant updates to give to committee members on the future of the town's two biggest sports clubs, the council leader has said.

Cllr Ken Rhatigan was responding to criticism of the council for not including updates on the ice rink and Camrose scandals.

The Gazette reported on Sunday that representatives of the football club and ice rink users had criticised the council after updates on the uncertainty over the facilities' futures were not included at this week's communities, environment and partnerships committee.

Sally Cashman, chair of the ice rink users' forum, said that she felt the council was ignoring the situation, which threatens the future of the Basingstoke Bison ice hockey team as well as other ice sports.

Meanwhile, Basingstoke Town FC interim chairman Jack Miller said he was disappointed either issue was not being discussed.

Committee members requested an update on the situation about Basingstoke Town FC last September, but are yet to receive one, whilst there will be a five-month gap between updates on the ice rink.

Cllr Rhatigan said in response to the criticism: "Both of these issues have been discussed at length at the Community, Environment and Partnerships Committee in the past.

"There are no significant updates for the committee members to discuss at this point.

 “Having worked alongside the football club and other partners to upgrade the Winklebury facility and return the football club to playing in the borough, the council is continuing to work with them to understand their plans for a sustainable future. 

 “We are using every means possible to press Standard Securities and Planet Ice to carry out the repairs that they are responsible for under the ice rink lease.

“The ice rink and the Camrose ground are privately-owned sports facilities.”