MORE than 250 people have committed child sexual abuse offences while involved in the Scouts - including ten paedophiles in Hampshire.

An investigation by solicitors Bolt Burdon Kemp has revealed there have been 255 convictions for rape, indecent assault, voyeurism and offences relating to indecent images dating back decades.

This includes the arrest and conviction of a Basingstoke Scout leader who was convicted of attempting to indecently assault a boy in the 1980s. 

Basingstoke Gazette: The map shows the extent of the problem nationally The map shows the extent of the problem nationally

The cases compiled by Bolt Burdon Kemp date back to the 1950s but also include contemporary examples such as John Michaels from Fareham, Hampshire, who was given a suspended prison sentence in 2018 for admitting 10 counts of making indecent photographs of children as young as two.

A spokesperson for the Scouts said: “Nothing is more important than the safety of the young people in our care. In the UK, we have had over 10 million young members since our inception in 1907.

"We recognise that over that time there have been incidents of abuse. Any abuse of a young person is abhorrent, and we are deeply sorry for anyone who has suffered because of the actions of abusers.

Basingstoke Gazette:

“Keeping young people safe from harm is something we take extremely seriously. We have robust safeguarding policies and procedures in place, which are publicly available, and we regularly invite external challenge and review.

"This has included a review by the NSPCC in 2012 and a further independent review by Hugh Davies QC in 2015. Recommendations from these reviews have been implemented.”

The information was compiled using public records, newspaper articles, and independently verified documents to compile the information, the solicitors said. 

You can view the map here. 


Eamound Andra Tallon, 1st Itchen South Scout Group - fine because he was sentenced to over four years so conviction is never spent 

Period of abuse: 1999-2001

Details of conviction: Convicted for two counts of indecent assault, committing gross indecency with a child and permitting a premisses to be used for smoking cannabis. He was given an extended sentence of seven years.

Elliot Easterby, Hamble Sea Scouts

Period of abuse: Unkown

Details of conviction: Convicted of 13 offences of possessing and making indecent images of young boys.


Gordon Alan Alfred Jacques, 1st Alresford Scout Group

Period of abuse: 1968-1970

Details of conviction: Four counts of rape, seven counts of indecent assault, attempted rape and permitting premises to be used for smoking cannabis and intimidating witness, juror or person assisting in investigating offences.


John Michaels/Rutter, 1st Fareham Scouts Group - not spent yet  

Period of abuse: 2017

Details of conviction: admitted 10 counts of making indecent photographs of children. Sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for 18 months.

Earl Adams, Scout leader in the Fareham and Gosport area

Period of abuse: Unknown

Details of conviction:  Convicted of 13 counts of possessing and distributing indecent images of children, two charges of sexual activity with a child and a further count of gross indecency with a child. Jailed for 5 years.


Nick Thorpe - fine because he was sentenced to over four years so conviction is never spent  

Period of abuse: 1996-2005

Details of conviction:  Convicted for a number of offences including rape, indecent assault, and gross indecency. He was sentenced to 13 years in jail.