Let’s accept it – you can’t always choose your neighbours. 

You are very lucky if you live next door to someone who you can share a laugh with or enjoy a barbecue with in the backyard.

But according to Basingstoke police, it's not rosy neighbourhood relations for everyone.

Officers receive many calls from residents regarding conflicts with neighbours which has led them to issue new guidance on how to handle disputes.

As part of Hampshire Constabulary's Anti-Social Behaviour awareness week, Basingstoke police said: “Although we would all like to get along well with our neighbours, sometimes we may face issues such as noise, hedges and parking. 

“If the dispute involves a statutory nuisance, you can make a complaint to your local council.”

A force spokesman said contacting the local council is the best place to start if you have a problem with your neighbour.

The guidance reads: “In some cases, the councils split their reporting, so, for example, litter and graffiti come under Environment, but noise is dealt with under Nuisance.

“Hampshire County Council does not have responsibility for environmental health, street cleaning or animal welfare issues: these are dealt with by your district, borough, or city council. The County Council may be the appropriate authority as a landowner to deal with fly-tipping or vandalism.

If you live in Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s area, you can call 01256 844844 to report about anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood.

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