A man will not be sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman for another two months after he was forced to self-isolate.

Thuc Hung Dinh, known as 'Chan', admitted sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a caravan park in Old Basing part-way through a trial earlier this month.

It was claimed that he, alongside co-defendant Gary Peter Ian Davidson, plied the girl with alcohol and drugs.

Yesterday, Mr Davidson, of Basingfield Close, was found not guilty of sexual assault and rape, by a jury.

Dinh, of New Bridge Lane, was due to be sentenced on Friday afternoon, but the case was adjourned after he was forced to self-isolate.

Winchester Crown Court heard that a family member of Dinh had tested positive for Covid-19, and that the defendant, who could be set to face an immediate prison sentence, would not be able to appear because of the self-isolation requirement.

He is due to self-isolate until Monday but because of scheduling conflicts and the generation of a pre-sentence report, will not be sentenced until September 27.

His barrister, Barry McElduff, said: "This can’t be an effective sentencing hearing in his absence."

He requested Judge Susan Evans QC grant permission for the probation service to generate a pre-sentence report, which will advise the judge on the best option to take when she decides what action to take, but acknowledged: "The ultimate outcome may well be an immediate prison sentence.

"When I was addressing your honour [when Dinh pleaded guilty midway through the first trial], it was on the basis to Mr Dinh pleading guilty to a sexual assault, whilst someone else was raping the victim.

"It was on that background that I didn’t ask for a pre-sentence report. But that is not the landscape to which Mr Dinh falls to be sentenced now."

Judge Evans QC granted the request, and the 33-year-old will next appear before Winchester Crown Court on September 27 to be sentenced for sexual assault.

He is currently released on bail.