A JURY has been sent out to consider whether a Basingstoke man raped a 16-year-old girl in his Old Basing caravan after plying her with drugs and alcohol.

Gary Peter Ian Davidson, 34, has been on trial at Winchester Crown Court since last Monday, accused of sexually assaulting and raping the girl after a night out with friends in February 2018.

It is alleged that when the victim woke, she found Davidson on top of her.

Opening the case on July 12, Mary Aspinall-Miles said that the victim "said no several times" and tried to push Davidson off of her.

Then on July 16, a police interview read in court saw Davidson claim he believed the sex was consensual and that he "never would have happened in a million years" if he had known she was 16.

This morning (Thursday, July 22), at 11.59am, the jury members in the case were sent out to consider their verdict.

The jury is continuing its deliberation.