OFSTED, or the Office for Standards in Education, inspects and rates all state schools across England to judge the quality of education pupils are receiving.

According to the latest ratings, 25 primary schools in Hampshire have been rated as 'requires improvement' or ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted.

Here is a list of all the schools and pre-schools that have been rated 'inadequate' or 'requiring improvement' in Hampshire.

Hatherden Church of England Primary School, Andover-Inadequate

Ofsted said: “Despite receiving training, some leaders do not have sufficient understanding of safeguarding. The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is too variable to secure consistently good outcomes for all pupils.”

Date of inspection: July 2019

Marnel Junior School, Basingstoke- Inadequate

Ofsted said: “Governors do not have an accurate understanding of how effective the school is. This limits their ability to hold leaders to account. Governors need to ensure that they monitor the school more effectively and take robust action to challenge leaders about the impact of strategic decisions and actions to improve the quality of education the school provides.”

Date of inspection: February 2020

Oakfield Primary School, Totton- Inadequate    

Ofsted said: “Although parents and pupils think that behaviour has improved, many consider the attention given to pupils’ concerns, including bullying, is not consistently effective.”

Date of inspection: June 2018

St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Basingstoke- Inadequate      

Ofsted said: “Procedures for safeguarding pupils are not effective. Systems for recording and reporting concerns to leaders are disorganised. As a result, leaders do not possess a clear understanding of pupils’ welfare needs.”

Date of inspection: November 2018

St Columba Church of England Primary Academy, Fareham- Inadequate

Ofsted said: “In some lessons, disruptive behaviour prevents pupils from learning as well as they should. Teachers deal with poor behaviour inconsistently. Behaviour records are not evaluated well enough.”

Date of inspection: February 2019

Elson Junior School, Gosport - Requires Improvement  

Ofsted said: “Some pupils are not respectful or considerate towards others, and do not always adhere to the school’s behaviour policy. This is a matter of concern for some parents and carers.”

Date of inspection: November 2018

Fernhill Primary School, Farnborough - Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Differences between the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and that of other pupils are not diminishing quickly enough in some year groups.”

Date of inspection: January 2017

Hythe Primary School, New Forest- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “The quality of teaching and learning is inconsistent across the school. From their starting points into key stages 1 and 2, too many pupils have fallen behind with their learning and need to catch up.”

Date of inspection: February 2019

King's Furlong Infant School and Nursery, Basingstoke- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “In mathematics, some pupils forget key concepts, such as place value, because they have too few opportunities to use what they have already learned. This prevents them from calculating and problem-solving as well as they should. Staff need to ensure that pupils revisit key knowledge so that they remember and recall it efficiently.”

Date of inspection: September 2019

Lee-on-the-Solent Junior School, Lee-on-the-Solent - Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Most pupils conduct themselves well around the school. However, some behave boisterously or unkindly, especially at breaktimes. Pupils reported that they feel that behaviour is not always good.”

Date of inspection: January 2018

Liss Infant School, Liss- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Teachers do not always make clear exactly what they want their pupils to learn. In some lessons, teachers try to cover too much ground and consequently pupils become confused about what they are learning.”

Date of inspection: May 2019

Morelands Primary School, Waterlooville- Requires Improvement         

Ofsted said: “Pupils’ progress information is not used sufficiently well to inform the next steps of their learning. Consequently, pupils with low prior attainment can struggle to keep up, or the most able are not sufficiently challenged.”

Date of inspection: February 2019

Pennington Church of England Junior School, Lymington- Requires Improvement            

Ofsted said: “Leaders have ensured that staff have received some useful training to develop their skills. This has helped staff to improve their support for pupils with SEND. However, the work to improve subject leaders’ skills and knowledge is at an early stage. Leaders need to ensure that staff receive suitable training to improve their understanding and planning of the curriculum so that pupils know and remember more.”

Date of inspection: March 2020

Pilgrims' Cross CofE Aided Primary School, Andover- Requires Improvement     

Ofsted said: “Leaders do not have a secure overview of how the reading curriculum is implemented in some year groups. Leaders need to ensure that the reading curriculum is delivered according to the school’s agreed approach in order to check that it is effective and that pupils’ reading skills continue to improve.”

Date of inspection: January 2020

Riders Infant School, Havant- Requires Improvement    

Ofsted said: “Staffing is now more stable. Leaders have made sure that all subjects are led and managed by a member of staff across the federation. However, many of these leaders have had little or no training to help them to lead their subject effectively. Teachers’ subject and pedagogical knowledge are not yet secure in all subjects across the wider curriculum. Senior leaders must ensure that curriculum leaders become experts in their subjects, so that the quality of education significantly improves.”

Date of inspection: November 2019

St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School, Farnborough- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “The quality of teaching is not consistently strong across the school, reducing the overall quality of pupils’ learning. This has been linked, in part, to many changes of staff over time.”

Date of inspection: February 2018

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Gosport- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Leaders have identified that the teaching of phonics is not consistent across the school. This means that children get off to a slow start in Reception and pupils do no catch up if they fall behind. Leaders need to implement planned training quickly and ensure that all staff have the expertise and resources needed to help all pupils read fluently.”

Date of inspection: December 2019

St Michael's Church of England Controlled Junior School, Aldershot- Requires Improvement      

Ofsted said: “Pupils make limited progress in some subjects because the curriculum is not well planned. Leaders have not considered the knowledge and skills pupils need to learn.”

Date of inspection: June 2019

St Peter's Church of England Aided Junior School, Farnborough- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Adults’ expectations of pupils’ behaviour during playtimes are not sufficiently high. n Pupils’ behaviour in the playground varies. While most behave well, a small minority give too little thought to the effects of their behaviour on others.”   

Date of inspection: April 2019

Stanmore Primary School, Winchester- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Teaching does not meet pupils’ needs as well as it should in reading, writing, mathematics and science. Sometimes teachers are not clear enough about what pupils need to learn. Their subject knowledge is not sufficiently strong or the activities do not develop pupils’ skills.”       

Date of inspection: June 2018

Vernham Dean Gillum's Church of England Primary School, Andover- Requires Improvement    

Ofsted said: “Subject leadership is not yet well developed across the curriculum. Senior leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that subject leaders are well informed about the subjects they lead and well equipped to support and develop teaching effectively.”

Date of inspection: October 2019

Vigo Primary School, Andover-Requires Improvement 

Ofsted said: “The quality of teaching is varied. At times, expectations for pupils’ progress, particularly for the most able and disadvantaged pupils, are not high enough to develop learning effectively.”

Date of inspection: May 2019

Wallisdean Junior School, Fareham- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Pupils’ attitudes to learning decline at times when work is not well matched to their ability or they become ‘stuck’. Too many become fidgety or lose attention when they are disengaged from their learning.”         

Date of inspection: November 2017

Weyford Nursery and Primary School, Bordon- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “Teachers do not routinely use assessment information effectively to ensure that teaching matches pupils’ ability levels. Tasks pupils complete are not designed well enough to allow them to produce work of a good standard.”

Date of inspection: January 2019

Whitewater Church of England Primary School, Hook- Requires Improvement

Ofsted said: “The most able pupils are not challenged enough. Consequently, too few achieve a greater depth of learning across school.”

Date of inspection: May 2019