The council has refused to rule out bringing back controversial plans to build a road through Basingstoke's historic football ground.

Residents, football fans and councillors were pleased when the so-called 'Camrose link road' was dropped last year, but as The Gazette revealed last week, a report left open the possibility for it to be resurrected in the future.

Now, the council with responsibility for Basingstoke's roads has refused to rule out bringing the link road plans back in the future.

Cllr Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council's deputy leader and executive lead member for economy, transport and environment, said that the revised scheme for improvement works at nearby Brighton Hill roundabout "does not preclude" the link road "on the back of any future redevelopment of the" Camrose ground.

A spokesperson for HCC also refused to directly answer whether the council was actively considering bringing back the link road plans, or if they had ruled it out.

Cllr Humby continued: “After planning permission was refused for the Camrose Link Road element of this scheme, it was necessary to come up with a new approach - to ensure that improvements can be made to Brighton Hill Roundabout that will help ease congestion at busy times of the day, improve safety and provide people with more opportunities to walk and cycle.

"Revisions to the plans, which I approved in December 2020, include the removal of Camrose Link Road, and the retention and enhancement of the Western Way entry onto the roundabout.

"The revised scheme for Brighton Hill Roundabout does not preclude delivery of the Camrose Link Road at a later date through a separate scheme on the back of any future redevelopment of the site.

"This would be subject to the securing the necessary funding and approvals for a new route.

"Main works to upgrade the Brighton Hill roundabout are planned to start early in 2022.”

Additionally, The Gazette asked HCC: "Is the addition of a link road through the Camrose ground after the completion of the improvement works to Brighton Hill roundabout something that is being considered by the county council? If not, is the county council able to rule out plans for the Camrose link road?"

But the county council did not respond to those specific points.

The link road was being considered as a way to serve the housing estate and care home which had been planned for the Camrose site, as well as closing the Western Way entrance onto Brighton Hill roundabout.

It would have directed traffic through the ground and to a new traffic light junction at on Winchester Road.

But after Basron's plans to build on the Camrose ground were refused last September, HCC was forced to drop the plans.

Preliminary works at the roundabout are due to start in November, with main works starting in early 2022.