Police in Popley have appealed for witnesses following a spate of vehicle-related crimes in the area.

In the past week, vehicles have been stolen from addresses in the Basingstoke suburb, as well as items from inside a car. Officers are looking for the public’s help in identifying the culprits, and making them aware of the incidents that have occurred.

In a statement, Hampshire Constabulary said: “If you have any information that could assist police, please either go online, ring 101 if urgent or reply to this alert.”

The first incident took place in the early hours of Thursday, July 15. Unknown offenders gained entry to two vehicles in Cayman Close and stole wallets from inside them, with the perpetrators having smashed a window to get in. Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to use the reference numbers 44210278632 and 44210279779 when contacting officers.

Police reminded the public not to leave valuable items inside of vehicles, especially items such as phones and wallets that can be turned into quick cash for a thief. They also advise not leaving evidence of items such as sat navs or smartphones by removing the mounts, in case a criminal breaks in to look for them, even if they’re not still in the car.

Later that same day, a black Audi A3, whose numberplate begins with a ‘V’, was stolen from Tintern Close between 22:30 and 14:00 the next day. Anyone with information about this theft is asked to use the reference number 44210280958.

To prevent vehicle theft, police advise parking in well-lit areas, making sure a vehicle is locked before walking away, and keeping keys somewhere safe.

Police are also looking for the thieves of a white Carrera bike, which was stolen from a garage in Faringdon Court between July 10 and July 16. Anyone with information about this theft is asked to use the reference number 44210282064.

Police advise installing a battery-powered alarm system to detect motion and alert the owner with a loud siren.