Police have been left empty-handed after searching woodland following reports of a ‘naked man’ in woodland near Highclere.

Officers were called to the scene following reports of a man exposing himself between the village and the junction with the A34 at just after 7:20am this morning (July 9).

They were called following a report from Adam Timms, who was driving through the area at the time. Posting on Facebook, his wife Sally said: “My husband has just contacted the police as there is a gentleman in the woods between Highclere village and the A34 junction who is fully exposed and wearing a full-face mask.

“Police are on route but in case people are travelling with children in the car I thought it was worth notifying people.”

Hampshire Constabulary confirmed to the Gazette that officers attended the scene following the report to carry out a search. However, they said that no one had been located after they had hunted through the woodland.