ANYONE aged over 18 in Basingstoke can now walk-in for their first or second COVID-19 vaccination at the Basingstoke Fire Station vaccine hub.

The site joins other Solent NHS Trust venues, St James’s Hospital in Portsmouth and Oakley Road in Millbrook, in rolling out the 'Grab a Jab' scheme, following trials.

To use the walk-in vaccine service, people will need to arrive at one of the vaccination centres between 8am and 7.30pm.

Vaccines are offered on a first come, first served basis and there may be a short wait for people to receive their vaccine. People should bring their NHS number if they have it.

Second vaccinations are available at the walk-ins if it has been at least eight weeks since the first dose.

David Noyes, Chief Operating Officer at Solent NHS Trust, said: “We are delighted to be reopening walk-in appointments at the large-scale vaccination centres, following the success of the original open access pilots earlier this year. Our walk-in service proved popular earlier in the year and we are looking forward to reoffering this opportunity for people to be able to get their life-saving vaccination whilst they go about their daily lives.”

Pre-booked appointments continue to be offered at all the large-scale vaccination centres by visiting or by calling 119, free of charge. Alternatively, people can contact their GP or click here for details of walk-in clinics.

It comes after two GP surgeries in Basingstoke began offering walk-ins earlier this week.

Anyone over 18 was able to pop into Gillies Health Centre on Monday and Shakespeare Road Medical Practice on Tuesday to get their first dose.

Additionally, Jameson House vaccination centre was offering walk-in doses.

On Monday morning, there were 50 walk-in appointments at Jameson House and 130 at Gillies on Monday morning alone.

Dr Tim Cooper, clinical director at the vaccine centres, said that it was “highly likely” there would be further pop-up clinics.

He added: “As we move towards a hopeful end of restrictions in mid July its more important than ever to ensure we are vaccinated to keep us and our communities safe.”