As the England team prepares ahead of its quarter-final match against Ukraine, it has got us feeling all nostalgic.

So we've had a look into our archives to unearth some gems from the past which show how Basingstoke celebrated previous football tournaments.

In 2010, football fever broke out in Basingstoke. Darren Smith, then 33 from Park Prewett Road, Limes Park, said cars slowed down to admire his display of more than 50 flags.

The father-of-two told The Gazette at the time: “We do it every time they play. There are a few people who don’t like it but I haven’t had any negative comments yet this year. I think more people should support their country. There aren’t many people who put flags out and it’s a shame. In other countries, people put flags out and I wish it was like that here.”

His daughter Zara, then 13, said: “We are going to try and get our cat an England top to wear. We think it’s fun and we should support our country. I love football and I play football, and we are rooting for England.”

Meanwhile, ahead of England’s first game on June 12 2010 against the USA, Barry and Diana Burford made sure their flags were up well in advance of the big match.

The husband and wife decorated half of their home with the England flag, hoping it would stand out. Barry, 61, told The Gazette at the time: “I’m going to try to get an even bigger flag to go on the other side of the house before Saturday. We are football mad. People love it and we get kids coming and saying ‘wow’ when they walk past. We should be proud of our country.”

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