Dear Editor,

I was interested to read your headline and story, in The Basingstoke Gazette for Thursday June 3, regarding the crashes at Blackdam Roundabout. 

There are a number of possible, general problems with this roundabout which could lead to accidents:

1. The speed limit around the roundabout is 50mph; should it be reduced to 30mph?

2. A significant number of drivers go through the traffic lights when they are changing from amber to red or even when they are red. (Sadly this is a feature at most sets of traffic lights in the UK.)

3. From some directions, signage could give earlier warning of which lane(s) to take for which direction of travel. Indicator arrows and labelling on the road surface should be repainted more regularly than happens at present. Also, particularly in summer, signs should be checked more regularly to prevent them being obscured by plants.  These measures would, hopefully, improve lane discipline.

I am not of the opinion that the design of the roundabout is in itself a problem. If these issues could be taken into account, then accidents might be reduced.

Mike Broderick, Basingstoke