Parts of Basingstoke could move to neighbouring parliamentary constituencies if proposed changes to the boundaries come into effect.

The Boundary Commission has published its latest review of constituency boundaries in the UK, which would likely take effect before the next general election.

If approved, it could see Old Basing, Little Basing, Mapledurwell and the villages around the south and west of Newnham leave Basingstoke and join the North East Hampshire constituency.

Additionally, Wooton St Lawrence, Oakley, North Waltham and Steventon would move from North West Hampshire to Basingstoke.

Whilst Popley would be in the Basingstoke constituency, Rooksdown and the Merton Rise estate would fall under North West Hampshire.

The public is now able to give their feedback on the proposals during the eight-week consultation which runs to August 2.

Tim Bowden, secretary to the Boundary Commission for England, said: “Today’s proposals mark the first time people get to see what the new map of Parliamentary constituencies might look like.

"But they are just the Commission’s initial thoughts. Help us draw the line to make the number of electors in each Parliamentary constituency more equal.

"Each constituency we recommend is required by law to contain between 69,724 and 77,062 electors, meaning there will be significant change to current boundaries.

"We want to hear the views of the public to ensure that we get the new boundaries for Parliamentary constituencies right.”

The number of MPs will be staying at 650, despite previous plans to reduce that by 50, but the boundaries will be shifted to ensure they are more equal in size.

The last time constituency boundaries were changed in England was in 2010.

Meanwhile, the village of Dummer would move from North West to North East Hampshire, whilst Sherborne St John, Monk Sherborne and Pamber Heath will move in the opposite direction.

Currently, the three constituencies in the Basingstoke area are served by Conservative MPs: Maria Miller in Basingstoke, Kit Malthouse in North West Hampshire and Ranil Jayawardena in North East Hampshire.

In Andover, the boundaries will see many of the villages to the south west of the town leave the North West Hampshire constituency.

The likes of Goodworth Clatford, Monxton, Abbotts Ann, Thruxton, Shipton Bellinger, Appleshaw and Charlton would be moved to the Romsey and Southampton North constituency, which is currently represented by Caroline Nokes.

Tidworth and Ludgershall would be moved from the Devizes constituency, currently represented by Danny Kruger, to the renamed East Wiltshire constituency, which would also encompass Amesbury.

Devizes itself would merge with Melksham.

To have your say on the proposals, click here.