ONGOING problems with water supply are affecting an area of Brighton Hill.

South East Water has apologised for the disruption caused to residents in various areas including Porter Road, where the low water pressure is not expected to be resolved until gone 9pm this evening.

Other areas of Brighton Hill, including the Brighton Hill Centre and Brighton Hill Parade, also experienced low water pressure earlier in the day from 8am, with residents having no water or low water pressure for six hours.

South East Water said that this was fixed by 2pm.

The problems in Porter Road were reported at 4pm this afternoon.

A statement on South East Water’s website says: “We’re really sorry to those of you who are experiencing low water pressure or no water at the moment.

“We have our technicians in the area carrying out checks on our equipment and this may affect your supply temporarily. This shouldn’t take long and we thank you for your patience and understanding while we carry out our work.”

The Gazette has asked South East Water for further information.