A DRUG dealer behind a Basingstoke cartel ordered a robbery that led to the death of a teenager in Oakridge, according to a judge.

Tyrone Potter was sentenced to more than a decade in prison on Friday after admitting conspiracy to supply Class A drugs whilst operating the Nemo drugs line in Basingstoke for almost three years.

In the view of a judge, Potter ordered two of his lieutenants to rob two county lines networks that had just started operating in the town, as he "cannot tolerate competition".

The words came from Judge Martin Spencer in January whilst sentencing Olamide Soyege, who was convicted of the murder of Taylor Williams in Basingstoke in August 2019.

Because of reporting restrictions, they can only be revealed now.

Two robberies in one day

Soyege, along with Terence Maccabee who was convicted of manslaughter and Paige Taylor, convicted of robbery, were responsible for two drug robberies on August 31, 2019.

The group attacked a drugs runner belonging to the Coco line in Bermuda Park, Popley, before an altercation in Shooters Way, Oakridge with the Ray line that led to the death of Taylor Williams.

Mr Williams, 18 at the time, was stabbed to death, and jumped out of a window to escape Soyege, before dying on his way to hospital.

In sentencing Soyege to life in prison earlier this year, Judge Spencer said he was sure that Nemo, the kingpin of the county lines network that Maccabee and Soyege worked for, gave the order for the robberies.

The Coco and Ray networks had set themselves up in the town on the fateful day, with the court hearing that Nemo had found out and needed them "dealing with".

"Nemo had set himself up in [a cuckooed house in Basingstoke], placing Paige Taylor there to sell drugs on their behalf," Judge Spencer said whilst addressing Soyege at Winchester Crown Court.

"I find that he, Nemo, cannot tolerate the competition.

"He sent [two runners] in a taxi to Overton, to fetch you [and Maccabee] back to Basingstoke in order to deal with the rival gangs.

"I suppose he told you you could keep whatever money and drugs you found.

"You intended to rob the runner [of the Coco line in Bermuda Park]. Paige Taylor was part of the plan.

"The drug users recognised you as Nemo’s enforcer, and knew immediately that there was going to be trouble.

"You intercepted the runner and dragged him down an alleyway, Paige Taylor used a spoon to take [drugs] from where they were hidden, his anus.

"Next, Nemo needed the Ray line dealing with, and you knew or found out that they had set themselves up at Kingfisher House.

"You, Terence Maccabee and Paige Taylor agreed together to raid the Ray gang of any money they had.

"I have no doubt that you were the leader, although you may in turn have been doing Nemo’s bidding."

'Murder done for game'

Judge Spencer had earlier said that the death of Mr Williams was "a murder done for game".

It was also revevaled on Friday that Potter, Maccabee and Soyege had been arrested just two days before the death fo Taylor Williams, after police raided their safe house on Winterthur Way.

August 31, 2019 was a night of bloodshed for the town, with the two robberies taking place just hours apart.

Additionally, Maccabee had sustained a stab wound in the altercation and was later found by paramedics in nearby Normanton Road after fleeing the scene.

Soyege was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder by a jury last year.

Maccabee, 20, was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.

Taylor, 24 from Basingstoke, was convicted of robbery and conspiracy to rob.

Potter, 25 from Earley in Reading, was sentenced to 11 and a half years in prison on Friday, May 21 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs at Portsmouth Crown Court.

The court was told how the Nemo, Bestie and Monster networks created a cartel to ensure that there was always a drugs supply in the town, as well as limiting violence and competition.