The skies over Basingstoke were lit up in red by a storm on Monday, as the region was battered by a deluge of heavy rain.

Some areas had lightning as the surprise storm made it’s way across the region following a spell of heavy rain.

One dog walker in Cliddesden reported seeing flashes of lightning between 6pm and 7pm.

However, the surprise weather was a gift for many members of Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club, as they utilised the time to capture some of the best photos of storm.

Mike Alamar shared photos of “crazy clouds with premature rainbow!”, while Jacko Wearne shared a photo of red sky at night. It was taken by his wife Jessica.

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Mike AlamarPhoto by Mike Alamar

Abi Lewis captured photos of the storm marching towards Silchester, and Kelly Burford wrote she enjoyed the rain thoroughly. She wrote: “In the end we puddled jumped all the way!! Soaked to the skin but a lot of fun.”

Darren Burton wrote he saw a bit of sheet lightning, but it was not worth photographing. Abi Lewis agreed to Darren and said she saw flashes, but no clear veins. “Still love watching the clouds though.”

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